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Ricardo “Rick” Taylor Rivera was born back in the late great 20th century – a Latin American born abroad – in São Paulo, Brazil to an American father raised among Mexican farmworkers, learning to speak Spanish, working the fields in the Midwest during the great depression and a Salvadorean mother who immigrated to the US in the early 1940s to work as a bilingual Secretary in Chicago.

Rick was raised in a Spanish speaking home and spent his childhood in Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador where he became fluent in Portuguese as well as Spanish and English, before coming to the United States to go to High School and College at Michigan State University where he earned his BA in Communications Arts as a Television & Radio Major.

Rick was also one of the one in 50,000 babies born with NPS (Nail Patella Syndrome).  An extremely rare birth defect that affects his elbow and knee joints, limiting the extension of both his arms.

Rather than considering this a handicap or “disability,” however, Rick has always considered this just another distinguishing characteristic among many of his unique self and personality.  Which has allowed him to identify with many diverse characters and personalities, coming from as diverse backgrounds and challenges as his, and serves as a well of experiences and inspirations to draw on as an actor.

Rick’s passion for acting began at an early age having done many plays in his youth as well as Summer Stock in Watervliet, Michigan back in the 70’s.  This passion, however,  was reignited by his Actor daughter, Emily Taylor-Madrid, who studied acting as a BFA in Theatre at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City and recently graduated from Florida International University in Miami.

Rick credits the lovely and talented Emily for being his main inspiration, motivation and primary acting coach, teacher, and mentor.

Rick Taylor Rivera Actor